Progressive Rock Band – Zdiar

Zdiar is a progressive rock/pop project fronted by two keyboard players (Ralf Seidel and Brian Johnstone) with a range of guest musicians. With an emphasis on great songs, innovation, strong melody, clever arrangements and quality playing Zdiar continue to break the mould of modern market driven music and product accessible yet challenging progressive rock music.

Covering a range of styles including  pseudo orchestral pieces, pumping sequenced electronic tunes, progressive rock, melodic rock, piano soundtracks and new age ethereal fantasies Zdiar are never predictable but always thought provoking.

New Album available – Anywhere But Here

The stunning new album from Zdiar called ‘Anywhere but Here’ amply demonstrates all that best from Zdiar. With 6 vocal tracks and 2 instrumentals the band are in great voice with an eclectic mix of piano, electronica, rock and ambient tracks with songs for everyone.

As ever brilliant tunes, inspired lyrics these songs are very memorable and delivered in a style unique to themselves.

Its difficult to categorise this band and these songs but great songwriting never needs to worry too much about that now does it?




The Agartha Tesseract

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The debut album from Zdiar ‘The Agartha Tesseract’ announced Zdiar’s arrival on the progressive rock/pop scene in 1999.




 Some Influences

Some influences that may help you get a sense of the range of artists we are influenced by include: Pink Floyd, Dead Can Dance, Cutting Crew, Toto, Enigma….and a million more. But it’s better you decide for yourself. Have a listen.

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